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Antenna Deployment System 

Antenna System

The IMT Antenna Deployment System consists of two dipole antennas arranged in a small CubeSat unit with a maximum height of 6mm. One dipole works in the UHF band while the second dipole works in the VHF band.

The antenna module is compatible with the CubeSat structure and can be mounted on the top or on the bottom panel. 

It is provided with RF connectors for the antenna signals toward the COMMS sub-system and with a specific connector to lead digital communication, power signal and telemetry toward the OBDH, EPS and ACS sub-systems.

Furthermore, the low profile allows a solar panel to be mounted on the top. The antennas are deployed through thermal cutter with a power supply coming from the regulated system bus or by the unregulated battery pack voltage. The large hole in the middle simplifies the cabling and connection and allows the installation of other devices, like satellite on-board camera.


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (l x w x h)

98 x 98 x 6 mmPower
  • Nominal mode: 20 mW
  • Deployment mode: 3.5 W (25 sec)
Mass (without Stack connector)80 gSupply Voltage3.3V and 5V / Unregulated bus
Random Vibration10 Grms (all axis)Life Time< 3 years
Operating Temperature-40°C to +125°CRadiation< 15 kRad (Si)

Qualification and
Acceptance Testing


Qualification TestAcceptance Test
Mechanical ShockYESOn Request
Thermal CyclingYESOn Request
Thermal VacuumYESYES
X-Ray InspectionYESYES
Total Ionizing Dose YESNO
Antenna Deployment System
Antenna Deployment System


  • Possibility to arm when the unit is integrated on the cubesat
  • Changeable +Z panel (aluminium cover or solar panel)
  • Robust architecture thanks to redundant systems
  • Available antenna configurations:
    •  4 VHF or 4 UHF monopole
    • VHF or UHF Turnstile
    • 2 dipole VHF / UHF
    • Any other combination (dipole / monopole VHF/UHF)
  • Telemetry data (over I2C)
  • Thermal cutter isolation after deployment for power supply safety
  • Low profile allows solar panel to be mounted on the top
  • Four independent thermal cutters with redundancy on heater elements
  • Compliant with CubeSat standard

Performance Properties

RF Properties:

  • WHF / UHF Frequencies
  • Up to 9600 Kbs
  • Up to 2W RF power (4W on request)


  • 50 Ohm antenna interface (SSMCX)
  • Molex PicoBlade (tm) 1.25mm for other interfaces (power / data)


  • Earth Observation Missions