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EduSAT Project

Training Satellite
EduSAT Training Satellite, also called DTS (Dimostratore Tecnologico Satellitare - i.e. Satellite Technology Demonstrator), is a part of the EDUSAT Project in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency and the Universities of Rome - Italy. 

The DTS is a Mock-up demonstrator of a real satellite. It has the major subsystems: OBDH (On-board Data Handling), PDU (Power Distribution Unit), Solar Arrays, Li-ion Battery Pack, ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem) and COMM (Communications Subystem).

The DTS is a realistic, inexpensive training satellite for high school students, University or Master Degree Courses. The DTS works as a real satellite, sends telemetry data (via UHF bands) and receives commands (in the same frequency band). 

The students can supervise the satellite remotely and simulate the in-orbit status. When the DTS is suspended through the MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment), it can be rotated around the suspended axis thanks to the internal reaction wheel. The Solar Array gives information about the attitude (a 500W lamp can simulate the Sun). For more accurate attitude information there Is a built-in magnetometer.

Each subsystem was designed with Plug-and-Play philosophy. Each subsystem can be unplugged easily and replaced by another one made by the customer. All details about electrical schematics, mechanical interfaces, firmware and testing are Open-Source and downloadable from the Official Web-Site ( 

In the IMT-Educational portal e-Learning lessons (theoretical and practice) for over 20 hours of streaming video, games, documents and Freeware software are also available.