Training Satellite

Training Satellite

Training Satellite

DTS (Satellite Technology Demonstrator) is a useful and simple mock up for satellite educational activities. It has a cubic shape of about 20 cm side, made of Plexiglass to allow visual inspection of the interior. Three out of six faces are covered with solar panels. Inside the Mock-up, on each face, the DTS subsystems (ACS, OBDH, COMMS, etc.) are attached.

The students can disassemble a panel and test each subsystem separately. Different microcontroller typologies (Microchip, Basic Stamp and so on) are used on OBDH, ACS and COMMS, so it is possible to use different popular programming languages (Assembly, C, Basic...).

The ACS is composed of one momentum wheel (to rotate the satellite around the suspended axis) as actuator, a magnetometer (to provide attitude information) as a sensor and a logic unit. The student can send a command to the satellite from the Ground Station and see the actuation by telemetry data, like in a real satellite mission.

The Communication is on the ISM-UHF band, so the DTS can be used without amateur licence in a large part of the world. Thanks to the unipolar antenna and a receiver station is possible to send e receive data from/to the satellite. The communication protocol is custom, anyway AX.25 can also be implemented. 

Thanks to the Silicon Solar Array and a Li-ion Battery Pack is possible to use the DTS for over 10 hours. The PDU ensures power to all subsystems and the current / voltage / temperature telemetries give information about the satellite health status. 

The communications from/to the “Ground Student” are assured by the Plug and Play Ground Station and a Personal Computer.


Training Satellite


  • Italian Space Agency Project
  • Nano-satellite Platform Training
  • OBDH / ADCS / EPS / COMMS subsystem
  • Real TTC communications
  • 1 DoF (degree of Freedom) of Attitude Control Used by over 50 Italian High School

Available on request

  • NOAA Ground Station (QHA Antenna + PC + Radio + Software)
  • DTB (Basic Satellite Technology Demonstrator) for Middle School Students


  • Educational / Training